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They are taking advantage of vulnerable, single people, who does not notice the deception. Some of them even send out automated spam messages, and contact people on behalf of other members, without them knowing.

There are many reasons not to join these sites from a users perspective.

Look over these statistics maybe once a month for smaller sites, once a week for larger sites, and see how the changes you make impact your CTR, EPC and RPM.

Google has separated some categories into a special section for Sensitive Categories.

If Advertiser One's ad is about beef jerky and you run a site for vegetarians then you're not going to get a lot of clicks on that ad.You can also block the associated Adwords account, which will block all future ads from the account.This will, however, also block those ads that might not be anything wrong with.You're happy because you're making more money, the advertiser is happy because he's getting more exposure, and even your readers are happy because the ads are more useful to them.Yes some of your visitors get benefit from good ads! This allows data about the different categories of ads to be collected.

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