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Does not have the latest news but good for researching news from a week ago back to 1985. of Humanitarian Affairs, Integrated Regional Information Network has a mailing list, irinlist, with up-to-date news on the Great Lakes area including Uganda. If a demonstration or disturbance takes place, leave quickly and don’t attempt to watch or photograph it.In the event of serious unrest, commercial flights may be suspended, roads blocked and borders closed, making it difficult to leave the country.You shouldn’t assume that the FCO will be able to provide assistance to leave the country in the event of serious unrest.The security situation in eastern DRC remains unstable.You should expect large crowds in Kinshasa on that day. Monitor local media and this advice for further updates.Consider making contingency plans in the event of demonstrations, including keeping a stock of essential supplies and up-to-date travel documents and visas.

See Terrorism If you’re abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.The continued presence of armed groups, military operations against them, intercommunal violence and an influx of refugees from neighbouring countries all contribute to a deterioration in the political, security and humanitarian situation.There are continued reports of kidnappings, including of staff from international NGOs.Any updates to travel advice will also be posted on the UK in DRC’s Facebook page and twitter channel.Street crime and robbery, including by individuals posing as plain clothes police, is common. If you must take a taxi, use a privately booked one. Beware of gangs promising you cut price gold and diamonds.

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