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Abstract designs were popular, and pop art designs also crept in along with some psychedelic creations. Glazed with a smooth lava like glaze with an abstract design.Length: 11.5ins Vintage yellow and black West German vase Mid-century, vintage style ceramics are still loved by collectors and are becoming increasingly popular.The island of Bornholm in Denmark, to this day is still a mecca for artists using all the artistic mediums.

The same can be said for the volcanic glazes, which were reninforced with red, orange and black firey colours.

Laminex, shag-pile, plastic pots, automobile tail fins and a lot of other fads from the 50’s and 60’s didn’t quite make it into the new century except with various niche collectors.

However the ceramics from this era have stood the test of time and are still sought after and used.

The Atomic-era and Jet-age led to many abstract and innovative designs where streamlined contours were fused with angular geometric shapes.

They encapsulate a time capsule of this amazing era and they reflect all it stood for.

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Their Blue Fluted patterns are the epitome of fine porcelain and it has been given this name because the surface is fluted like a mussel shell.

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