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"The emphasis is on what is not seen," says Gibson."Sex in today's entertainment has been 'stripped' to the bare essentials and it's not fun any more ..."There might be strangers who make me really uncomfortable, and maybe I'll be comfortable with people I know because the ice has already been broken," she says."We'll constantly be challenging our own boundaries." During the process, the performers have had to confront their own issues about body image and trust."This is an age when everyone can find some sort of ‘connection' - I'm putting that word in quotes - online, or in chat rooms, chat roulette, porn, in your own home or on your phone," says Keating, part of Outside the March, the company behind the award-winning Terminus and Mr. "People go to strip clubs for some sort of human connection. I've heard stories that sometimes the strippers don't dance, they'll just sit and chat or hold hands, because it's hard enough to find that in the normal world." Keating took some women's studies classes at university, and is interested in sex work and the third-wave feminist view that women who do sex work aren't victims. "I say that knowing that there's a grey area and everything is not as simple as that - and that I'm speaking as a privileged white woman." Coincidentally, the two see a connection between the stripper's world and that of live theatre."People said the proliferation of porn and the internet would kill strip clubs, but that's not happening," says Tepperman.26 at 8 p.m in the Union Ballroom to benefit Project Q.Also, the troupe will soon have a monthly gig at Club Anything.

"There is even a burlesque troupe of all plus-size women called the 'Fat Bottom Revue.' It gives you the girl-next-door feeling." All of the Brew City burlesquers must be able to sing, dance, act, make their own costumes and props, and promote themselves."We're playing with the idea of making someone feel like they're the most important person in the room and fulfilling a fantasy they might have without actually knowing what that is in advance," says Tepperman, a member of Convergence Theatre, whose Gladstone Variations remains one of the most memorable site-specific shows in recent history. There's structure to the encounter, but we can improvise within that depending on the energy between us." The pair have done research, paid for lap dances to talk with performers and pretended they were checking out clubs for a bachelor party "for Amy's fiancé." Of course, the show isn't really about stripping.One of its themes is how to make a real connection in a world where we're so detached from one another.You may witness a monologue, have a discussion, see a bit of dance - anything's possible.There are bouncers and bodyguards, too - some actors, some real. The challenge is to be as present as we can be with whoever happens to be sitting across from us.

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