Updating your wireless network card drivers

I also had one email feedback saying that TMAC couldn't change MAC address of Wifi on Windows XP machine after updating drivers.

Reverting back to old drivers again made things work.

This issue is observed only on wifi adapters, while you can change the MAC address on Ethernet adapters without any fuss.

This tells that the network adapter drivers are actually preventing users from changing MAC address.

A simple workaround would let you change MAC address on most wifi adapters if you want to just make sure your original MAC address is not exposed.

You just have to set the first octet of MAC address to "02", instead on what normally is "00".

Laptops often have a function key combination to switch the device into airplane mode, or to simply disable Wi-Fi; some older notebooks also have a physical switch to enable and disable wireless.

One of the oldest tricks for improving wireless network signal strength is to change the Wi-Fi channel.

As you can see, wireless signals can drop for many reasons, and many different fixes are currently used to overcome these problems.

If the MAC address didnt change, try to disable and re-enable the Wifi network adapter manually from Network and Sharing Center Change adapter settings (or you can just enter Network Connections in Windows Explorer location bar).

While I am not very sure why it works with "02" I think it has to do with the MAC Address specification which uses first octet to set flags (see image below; courtesy Wikipedia.org) Setting first octet "02" actually sets the b2 bit indicating that the MAC address is locally administered.

Slow wireless speed can often be blamed on competing wireless networks, as described above, so changing your Wi-Fi channel manually Wired ethernet will always be better than wireless connections, but sometimes you don’t have a choice - all manner of mobile devices need wifi.

There is however one very basic step you can take which...

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